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Resident Service

The relationship of Supplier between OEM is most important point of quality process in automotive sector. Therefore good representability & fast-healthy communication in OEM areas is essential for supplier companies.

EXPERT serve best person who is expert on represent & sector also will be yourself-reflecting on OEM

Advantages of Resident Service; ​

  • Quick response to problems on customer side,

  • Error analysis,

  • Informing production site by visual and sample transfer

  • Relaying requests of OEM to Supplier,

  • Ordinated customer visit

  • Customer meeting

  • Good-relations with customer responsibles


Our visual and equipped control and sorting service to eliminate all quality unsuitablenesses in your production and customer fields.


It is possible to evaluate your  products by the ability of all of your team’s having basic technical evaluation equipments.


It is the service of retouching of the wrongly sorted or the products that can be brouht to reproduction.

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